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Southern Virginia's First Choice For Pressure Washing

Southern Suds Softwash is one of the top leaders in Danville and throughout southern Virginia for our outstanding pressure washing services! Our technicians are always ready to come to your aid with our high-quality soft washing and pressure washing work, which can turn dirty properties dazzling once more within the span of just a few hours. When your home needs some freshening up or your business needs a bump up to its curb appeal, our technicians are eager to help!

We employ friendly, trained, and experienced professionals who have great passion and pride in their pressure washing work. Great cleaners working with great equipment means great, efficient service, and it's one reason why we can consistently boast five-star ratings across multiple platforms. If you're interested in how we can help spruce up your Danville property, give our team a call at 434-548-4893.

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The Southern Suds Softwash Technique

We distinctly pride ourselves in our soft washing service. While a few of the kinds of cleanup jobs we do entail the use of traditional pressure washing, such as driveway washing or patio washing, we operate using soft washing for a majority of our services.

This doesn't mean much to our customers, however, if they don't know what soft washing is. Simply put, soft washing is a low-pressure version of pressure washing- while standard pressure washing utilizes high pressures of 2000+ PSI, soft washing uses low pressures under 1000 PSI. Soft washing is helpful for numerous exterior cleaning jobs like deck cleaning, house washing, roof cleaning, and more.

But why would we use less pressure on the job? Because some surfaces can't stand up to a high-PSI cleaning. Pressure washing can warp wood, strip paint and sealant, chip weathered brick, and can even break fragile materials like shingles or windowpanes. In these cases, our soft washing technique will still provide efficient, thorough cleaning, but without risking any damage to our clients' valued properties. Our ability to be flexible and tailor our approach perfectly to each job makes it so that all the work we do is excellent- that's why we're proud of the Southern Suds Softwash technique.

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The biggest difference between pressure washing and soft washing ultimately comes down to the exact amount of hydraulic pressure used in the cleaning spray. While the lines can become blurred between soft washing and moderate pressure washing, we like to say that as a general rule of thumb, pressure washing requires high pressures of 2000 PSI or more, while soft washing generally utilizes pressures of at or under 1500 PSI. Pressure washing is ideal for cleaning hard, dense surfaces like concrete, cobblestone, or pavement, while soft washing is better for cleaning softer or more delicate surfaces like shingles, stucco, or windows.

Of course! Commercial clients make up a significant part of our clientele base, and we are honored to help our local communities stay clean and healthy by keeping local businesses in great shape. Our commercial pressure washing can be uniquely customized to what your business's particular needs are. Just call or email us and tell us what you're looking for from us, and we'd be glad to come up with a free estimate.

Investing in a professional pressure washer rather than doing it yourself is making an investment into your property. At the end of the day, while home improvement influencers may make pressure washing seem simpler than it is, it is a tricky and powerful cleaning system that requires extensive training and preparation to handle properly, clean efficiently, and get the meticulous level of cleaning results you desire.

For example, we talk a lot about the distinction between pressure washing and soft washing a lot. An amateur DIY pressure washer may not know much about soft washing or why it's important, and try cleaning a delicate area like their roof with standard pressure washing. This can result in a lot of property damage occurring within just a few seconds. Speaking of roofs, many home cleaning services like roof cleaning or gutter cleaning are risky in and of themselves due to the height and fall risk, and should only be handled by trained professionals working with teams and with proper safety equipment.

All in all, when you go the professional route, you're working with knowledgeable and experienced technicians. You're more likely to have a satisfying outcome and less likely to incur damage to either your property or yourself!

In general, pressure washing is one of the more eco-friendly cleaning methods out there. Because hydraulic force does a lot of the cleaning on its own, we don't have to use heavy concentrations of detergents to get the job done. Speaking for ourselves, the detergents that we do use, albeit in generally low concentrations, are biodegradable and break down quickly with a bit of rinsing, leaving no harsh chemicals behind- just a safe and healthy property for its occupants to enjoy.


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