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The Key To Annual Roof Maintenance

The key to annual roof maintenance

The roof is such an integral part of any home's structure that you probably don't think about it much. However, like any part of your home, your roof requires regular maintenance to be its best.

The average lifespan of a roof is around 20-30 years, though this number can be less or more depending on the manufacturer and makeup. If roof maintenance is neglected for too long, though, serious problems can be missed, and it may need repairs or replacement before its time. Conversely, if you stay on top of it- literally- with good annual maintenance, you can maximize your roof's lifespan and keep it strong for many years to come! Here are the key points of roof maintenance we recommend all homeowners invest in.

Annual Roof Inspection

Just as you should have any other of your home's systems annually inspected, so too should you get your roof checked out once a year. A roof inspection expert will be able to scope out damage or issues to your roof like blistering, missing shingles, punctures, or organic growth.

For newer roofs, many times you can get by with a DIY home inspection. However, if you've just been through a storm, or if your roof is more than five years old, we greatly advise bringing in a trained expert who can check for subtler signs of damage. We recommend the fall as the best season for a roof inspection- it can help you spot drafty areas so you can get them repaired before it gets cold and too hard to work up there.

Roof Cleaning

As mentioned above, organic growth is a serious sign of trouble in your roof that inspectors often look for. Algae and mold spores are more likely to settle in and grow during the warm, humid spring and summer months. These substances are harmful enough to roofs on their own- especially to asphalt shingles, which they can eat through. However, when algae and fungi combine they can become lichen, and that in turn attracts moss, escalating into big, problematic messes for your roof.

The best way to prevent organic growth and other messes to your roof is roof cleaning. A pressure washing expert will typically use a low-PSI cleaning system called soft washing to rinse down your shingles with an antimicrobial detergent that kills organic growths and their spores, protecting your roof. Again, we recommend early fall as the best time for roof cleaning- it tackles any growth left over from the warm months and readies your home for winter.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning helps keep your foundation safe by keeping rainwater away from your home's base. However, it also keeps your roof safe as well. Heavy masses of debris can put excess weight on your gutters and eaves, and serious mold growth in decaying plant matter can spread up to your shingles as well. Many pressure washing companies offer comprehensive gutter cleaning services as well.

We recommend gutter cleaning twice a year, not once, as they need maintenance more frequently. Our recommendation is once in the early spring to remove any debris dropped during winter, and once in the autumn to combat the falling leaves, notorious for clogging gutters. If you need expert help with a roof cleaning or gutter cleaning, Southern Suds Softwash is always here to help at 434-548-4893.